The Racketeer by John Grisham

John Grisham. What more do you need to say? I have read just about all of John Grisham’s books. From A Time to Kill to Playing for Pizza. What sets this book apart from the others is: the lawyer  is already in jail. I liked that twist. That was refreshing change. This is a well written story. Grisham brings you right into the story.  Great hook at the beginning. As you read, there are several plot twists and turns. The story starts in Kentucky and goes through Florida. Since I live in Florida, I was glad to see a major author like Grishman use Florida as a backdrop for his story. I was relieved that is was not again New York or Los Angles. Without giving away the surprise, this story well thought out. There is tension between the main characters.  I enjoyed reading this story. I think it was a bit weak at the end. It felt like he was wrapping it up to quickly, but it could have been me not wanting the story to end. Overall, I would say it is a good book.  This book is available on

My rating: 4 out of 5 sharks.

Title: The Racketeer

Author: John Grisham

Available in Paperback and Kindle



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3 responses to “The Racketeer by John Grisham

  1. I like your review… I see you figured out what to say about John Grisham and “The Racketeer”!! Have you ever read “The Street Lawyer”? That is actually one of my favorite Grisham books.

    • Yes I have. Actually I did not like that one. A friend of mine read it also, and their response of it was the same. Not sure what was going on with Grisham. But, with this book he seems to be back on track.

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